I was Nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD!

*I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Gracie of @ GraciesWorld. Thanks to you and to @ Nikkipedia(feel free to checkout their fabulous blog).
A Liebster Award is an important focus which also helps to discover new blogs!


How the Liebster award works;

* The Nominee would thanks and mention the person who nominated him/her (done in this post first paragraph).

* Would answer some 11 random sets of questions

* Would also Nominate 5-11 blogs with lesser followers

* (In 2016), the person being nominated would provide 10 random facts about him/herself (optional)

* Full details of the Liebster award rules here

Here are my answers below ;

1, What encouraged you to start a blog?

I so much loved story-writing in which i would share stories written on paper with my high school friends some years ago. With a passion to share my voice to the world, i discover blogging! Basically, it was writing that led me to start a blog (currently managing two blogs).

2. Do you have any hobbies, if so, what?

I love reading story-books or any interesting books to the extent that i include it as my No #2 fact here. Others including travelling, learning something new and video games

3. Current mood?

Am feeling *curious* to learn something new but creative. I love photography too but lets see what the future holds ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Whats a must have item you always carry with you?

i prefer a pen and my blogging book (a book used for jottings and important todo lists) but am usually with my phone as its portable and easier for me to use it to do almost everything -calls, reminder of an events, message, browse, e.t.c

5. Favourite place to go?

My favourite places would be Canada, UK or New York City but since i can’t afford those trip for now, am trying my best to explore some other parts of my country here.

6. Who inspires you?

With my dad not around for more than a year seeking for greener pasture(although we communicate on phone), Seeing i and mom everyday striving for the best INSPIRES me the most. I wanted to reward her and myself by being the best!

7. If you had 24hours left to live, what would you spend your time doing?

I would pay a visit and spent the remaining time with my loved ones (family and friends).

8. Savoury or sweet foods?

I would pefer 10x sweet foods but after reading this post, i think savoury one would be okay.

9. 2 famous people you’d like to meet?

I would like to meet MARK ZUCKERBERG, owner of facebook and @DonJazzy for now.

10. Whats your dream job?

Wish to be my own boss so i can spend time freely with my current and future family, but any Tech, ICT, and/or Creative Work is super-cool for me.

11. A memory you’ll treasure forever?

During my high school time, i had an accident which disabled my right wrist temporarily from action for some months. I had to force myself to learn to write with my left hand (in which i learnt from the incidence that its possible to do some things that seems impossible)

*11 random facts about me

Since its optional, you can checkout 7 facts about me here

My Nominees;

Next, am nominating the following blogs for the Liebster Award

Uthman Saheed of My Lovers Trick

Funmy Kemmy of FunmyKemmy’s Blog

Gloria Okaiman of Trendy Living Blog

Ogunnupebi damilola of Sincerely L’O

and Arabella of InspireNewLife

=>The questions i would give my nominees are the exact SAME 11 set of questions i answered on this post.

Answer them on your blog and let me know when you’re done.

Blogging is all about connecting with one another, isn’t it?

POST ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT https://www.tuhamworld.com/my-first-liebster-award-nomination/

15 thoughts on “I was Nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD!”

  1. Congrats on the award!So sorry about your wrist, but it was for the best, right? I've always wanted to learn to write with my left hand lolThanks for coming by the blog too :)www.oluseyefunmi.blogspot.com


  2. Thanks for the congrats message and oh yes! The accident was for the best although it was scary at first ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think its really fun if one can write with both left hand and i hope to pay a visit to your blog soonest. Am i welcome?


  3. Thanks for the congrats message and oh yes! The accident was for the best although it was scary at first ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think its really fun if one can write with both left hand and i hope to pay a visit to your blog soonest. Am i welcome?


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