Welcome Back!

After keeping a 3 years distance unintentionally from personal/lifestyle blogging -i guess its time to say Welcome back. Personal/Lifestyle Blogging allow one to have fun sharing random experiences without disclosing much of your personal life - Here's a blog owned by Simi around 2016 on Ramblings called theRantaLot. There's also SisiYemmie Food Blog here -… Continue reading Welcome Back!

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George’s Pieces of Me By Tomi Adesina + MeetUp

After reading George's Pieces of Me[GPOM] written by Tomi Adesina, i decided to do a review on this blog about the Book and not just any review, an honest review. But before talking about GPOM, let me share a little bit details about how i got to know of the author and the book. Shall… Continue reading George’s Pieces of Me By Tomi Adesina + MeetUp


I was Nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD!

*I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by Gracie of @ GraciesWorld. Thanks to you and to @ Nikkipedia(feel free to checkout their fabulous blog). A Liebster Award is an important focus which also helps to discover new blogs! How the Liebster award works; * The Nominee would thanks and mention the person who nominated… Continue reading I was Nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD!